Our Law Office provides legal service for its clients for public lands regarding buying and selling, service, construction, rent, barter, establishment of incorporeal rights and transportation of ownership of departments included within the general budget, annexed budget administrations, special administrations and municipalities within the scope of particularly State Procurement Law and other legislation provisions and also on matters including acquisition of land, planning permission, license, housing, construction and operation for tourism, industrial zones, energy and educational investments.

Within this scope, our Law Office provides legal support for its clients on the matters of making the necessary applications regarding project financing and establishing investor partnerships, follow-up and finalization of the said applications, initiating, conducting and finalizing the project activities in accordance with the legislation, acquisition of land, planning permission, license, housing, construction and operation, preparation and negotiation of the required contracts, determining and eliminating the legal risks in the field where the project will be put into practice and receiving support and incentive.

Furthermore, our Law Office also provides legal counseling services for both private entrepreneurs and state institutions and organizations during the foundation phase of regions and structures which are subject to the fields of Organized Industrial Zones Law, Expropriation Law, Harbors Act, Industrial Law and Environmental Law. Our Law Office have provided and continues to provide legal counseling regarding the procedures including application, permission, building permit etc. and follow-up and realization of these procedures during all the phases starting from the foundation of many organized industrial zones and technology zones through commissioning in our country. In addition, we have provided attorneyship service for both public administrations and defendant natural persons regarding expropriation law during the first foundation phase of organized industrial zones and technology zones.