Real Estate and Leasing

We represent investment banks and other financial leasing institutions, private equity funds, retirement and government funds, real estate funds, hotel owners and operators, shopping mall project companies and investors in the development, management and leasing of complex real estate projects.
  • Preparation and implementation of construction on flat for land basis
  • Real estate project coordination
  • Representation in land registry cancellation cases
  • Land amalgamation, allotment, alienation and compulsion proceedings and lawsuits carried out on these issues
  • Execution of contract processes related to financing and partnership structures of large-scale projects bringing investors and construction companies together
  • Preparation of lease contracts
  • Carrying out rent determination, adaptation and evacuation cases
  • Reversal and forward termination of construction on flat for land basis contracts and representation in related cases
  • Financial lease contracts
  • Coordination of construction permits and other administrative procedures
  • Minimizing tax liabilities in project applications
  • Restoring historical properties, monitoring the necessary contract and administrative process
  • Appeals against zoning plans and follow-up of litigation processes
  • Monitoring of cadastral practices and execution of related litigation processes
  • Tracking all kinds of real estate lawsuits arising from inheritance law


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