Art/Museum and Cultural Property Law

Art/Museum and Cultural Property Law

As Hansu Law Firm, we care about art, museum and cultural property both in Turkey and abroad. Our comprehensive client portfolio includes several companies which are carrying on business related with art and museum and also play the central role as host in exhibitions under their roof.

How can we help?

Hansu Law Firm’s experienced lawyers are sensitive to the points of view and the special needs of museums, private and corporate collectors, artists and art dealers. Within this regard, our Law Firm is experienced on drafting contracts both with the curators, artists, galleries, insurances of the mentioned art pieces, copyright issues etc. Also, artists and collectors alike seek legal advice about the appropriate way to value art for a variety of purposes, including tax and estate planning. Moreover, artists and collectors also seek advice with respect to the formation of private foundations and museums where our Law Firm is able to assist its clients. We also assist clients in a range of transactional matters related to art, including advising and structuring deals for the purchase and sale of art; exhibition and loan agreements; and structuring agreements between museums or between museums and other organizations; art import and movement; art insurance; art crimes including fraud; cultural property ownership; legal aspects of authenticity and finally legal issues including third party claims related with the specific art piece.

Hansu Law Firm also provides all kinds of legal service regarding to the intellectual property rights. These legal services are not limited but including filing the lawsuits, leading the processes regarding with brands, patents, industrial designs in front of Turkish Patent Institute, protection of trade secrets and know-how, drafting all kind of license agreements related with cinema, television, music and technology transfer.

Who do we help?

Hansu Law Firm works directly with local, national, and international museums, including trustees, board members, and museum directors, as well as with artists, private collectors, art investors, private foundations, galleries, and auction houses.


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