Consumer and Product / Service Safety Line

Consumer and Product / Service Safety Line

According to general product safety directive only safe products should be placed on the market. Since Turkey is negotiating its accession to the EU, the country has to fulfill the European standardization requirements in the field of consumer and product safety. Directive 2001-95-EC is also applicable in Turkey and in this context, globally operating companies needs to comply with these regulations.

How can we help?

Our Law Firm provides legal counseling and legal service to outstanding companies in Turkey regarding product and service safety regulations both in Turkey in compliance with Turkish Law and abroad in compliance with global regulations, mostly European. Our experienced team follows the new regulations and provides legal support to its clients to produce safely and in quality. Within this scope, our Law Firm is experienced about corrective measures in defective products, obligations of producers and obligations of distributors, recalls of the defective products and obligations of notification to the authorities.
Additionally our Firm provides legal counseling and legal service to its clients for private and criminal lawsuits arising from product and service safety and economic criminal sanctions.

Who do we help?

The manufacturer of the product, any other person presenting himself as the manufacturer by affixing to the product his name, trade mark or other distinctive mark, or the person who reconditions the product, the manufacturer’s representatives, importers of the product and other professional in the supply chain can benefit from our Law Firm’s legal service about product service regardless of which legal service is applicable to the situation.


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