Corporate Law / Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate Law / Mergers and Acquisitions

It is mandatory for companies to be assisted by an experienced law firm regarding the corporate issues to perform its business with balance since every single decision requires a legal approach. Our law firm has the expertise to find the most efficient way to maintain and ensure the company’s business and profits.

Major business transactions such as Mergers & Acquisitions can also be complex. M&A is usually the quickest and most effective way for any company to transform their business whether it be through entering or exiting particular markets and transfer of companies as well as any other purchase agreements. As today’s world requires globalization, companies will and should continue to pursue their transactions in order to remain profitable but also should not be affected from economic fluctuations. At this point, constant legal advice is inevitable.

How can we help?

Our Law Office provides legal service and support for its clients on the matters of share transfer procedures, transfer of companies, mergers and acquisitions, deed of association, venture capital, capital markets, loan agreements, leasing contracts, disputes arising from employees’ rights and company executive compensations, bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, bankruptcy planning and bankruptcy cases and compliance legislative regulations.

Within this scope, our Law Office provides legal service to its clients in the field of Corporate Law including the establishment of a legal corporation and joint venture, general meetings, protection of minority and preferential rights and carrying out the preliminary surveys (due diligence) regarding these, corporate governance and executive responsibility, appointment of private auditors, temporary administration and trustee, company’s bankruptcy and dissolution of companies, negotiation of merger and takeover contracts and examining and arranging these contracts, making the necessary applications to the Competition Authority, Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) and other relevant autonomous establishments and public institutions and follow-up and finalization of these applications.

Who do we help?

Every single client whether the client is local/foreigner and every matter is important. Regardless of the issue or transaction size, all companies can benefit our expertise to get legal assistance and advice on their concerns.


  • Corporate Governance Corporate Reorganizations Private M&A
  • Public M&A – Joint Ventures – Alliances
  • Share Transfer – Contracts – Compensations – Bankruptcy – Regulatory Compliance 


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