E-Commerce Law / Electronical Money and Payment Services

E-Commerce Law / Electronical Money and Payment Services

Internet has become a field that individuals and corporations can make legal transactions with the latest technological developments. Therefore, governments enacted regulations to organize and legalize these transactions. Our Law Office provides legal services to its clients for their business transactions made online.

How can we help?

A multinational company or a start-up business; regardless of the size of the company, internet and payment cannot be separated from each other. It is also not separable from each other in the legal context as we, the legal practitioners, notice a new development every day in e-commerce field, electronic money and electronic payments. Our Law Office has an experienced team on following up the new regulations periodically in e-commerce, electronic money and electronic payment fields and providing legal service to the clients from E-Commerce Consumer Law, E-Commerce Contract Law, E-Commerce Data Protection Law, E-Commerce Banking Law to E-Commerce Intellectual Property Law and E-Commerce Competition Law. Our service also provides legal assistance in business to consumer and consumer to consumer E-Commerce types which is the one main area where disputes arises the most.

Who do we help?

Whether our client is a consumer, a start-up business or a multinational company; we provide legal assistance and minimize the potential damage that can occur on our client’s behalf.


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