Personal Data Protection Law

Personal Data Protection Law

With the enactment of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, all natural/legal persons processing personal data must take legally required measures. Since companies that do not comply with the new regulation will face serious sanctions, legal assistance is mandatory in all legal issues relating with the personal data protection.

How can we help?

We carry out data privacy surveys for our clients and our service is not limited with reviewing the existing processes and procedures but within this scope our Law Office provides legal counseling and legal services to determine a confidentiality strategy, to protect the personal data, to determine ways to protect personal data. Also we provide legal services to detect, prevent and resolve any disputes arising from processing, saving, remitting and sharing the personal data. With significant experience of designing contracts; we support our clients with data collection and consents as well as cross-border data transfers and its liability and penalties.

Who do we help?

We advise every single one of our client who collect and share data because of the nature of their businesses. We also advise clients on the implications of freedom of information legislation, how to mitigate risk and the potential to use the legislation for competitive advantage.


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