It has accepted Termination of Employment Convention No. 158 of Turkey ILO on 02.06.1982 and published on the official gazette on 12.10.1994 and transposed it with the Labor Law No. 4857 in 2003.Articles 18, 19, 20 and 21 of Labor Law No. 4857 have been put into effect as a requirement of ILO Convention No. 158. It has been tried to prevent termination of employment contract by the employer in an invalid manner which is one of the most important problems of labor law in accordance with relevant articles and to prevent the negative consequences of it on the employee.

In our study, after a general assessment of the definition of job security, results of reemployment lawsuit issued under the title of “Results of Termination without a valid reason” in the 21.Article of Labor Law No.4857 shall be examined.

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