Employment / Compensation / Social Security

Employment / Compensation / Social Security

Employers must comply with strict labor and employment law rules as well as with the rules of documentation. Based on our experience, companies violating necessary documentation rules can face negative consequences. Therefore, companies and employers should stay up-to-date regarding the employment regulations and obtain legal assistance on drafting a labor contract.

How can we help?

Our Law Firm provides legal counseling and legal service to its client companies, which are outstanding in Turkey and worldwide, including but not limited to the preparation and evaluation of the labor contracts, termination of the labor contracts, preparation of the mutual contracts and settlements. Also we follow up all kind of lawsuits arising from Social Security and Labor Law.

Additionally our Law Firm provides legal service on training the related department of the companies, which are specifically operating in energy, chemicals, automotive, healthcare, education and tourism sector, about labor law and provides legal support to its client companies for employment strategies.

Besides, our Law Firm provides legal counseling and legal service for resolvation of the disputes arising from union organizations and the exercise of employers’ and employees’ rights, for the process of objection to the determination of the Union Authorization and follow up the process, for following up the lawsuits arising from union compensations, resolvation of the disputes arising from the implementation of collective agreement and in case these disputes held before judicial courts, following up these lawsuits, initation and executing the collective agreement meetings, managing the whole process of the collective agreement meetings, preparation of the collective agreements.

Who do we help?

In Turkey, like in every other jurisdiction, Labor Laws are interpreted in favor of the employees. From our experience, we believe every single right is worth to protect regardless of the right is belong to a company or an individual and thus, we assist companies in their employment procedures from start to finish, assisting both the company and the employee to have a healthy business life.


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