Healthcare, Life Science, Medical Supplies and Medicine

As experts in the field of pharmaceutical, medical equipment industry and healthcare project development including establishment of hospitals, we provide one-stop-shop legal assistance to companies involved in pharmacological and biotechnological industry.
  • Legal Consultancy in the Development of Healthcare Projects and Investments
  • Establishment of Long Term Joint Venture, Construction, Rent, Usufruct Rights Agreements both for Hospitals and other Health Institutions
  • Legal Consultancy on Construction, Permission, License procedures for Hospital and other Healthcare Institutions
  • Legal Consultancy on Patent Processes for Medical Equipment
  • Marketing Permits
  • Carrying out of Ministry Permit Processes for Medicines and Medical Materials to be Circulating in the Market
  • Contract Manufacturing Agreements
  • Competition Law
  • Data Protection, Know-How Protection, Legal Support in Clinical and Observational Research
  • Share Transfers and Commercial Transactions
  • Remuneration and Compensation
  • Public Procurement
  • Product Safety
  • Determination of Intellectual Property Strategy.


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