Technology, Media and IT

Due to its strong global connections combined with industry knowledge and expertise, our Law Firm provides individualized legal support to worldwide known telecommunication, media and technology companies ranging from personal rights to the legal compliance of technology activities.
  • Representing the client in front of the administrative authorities such as Information and Communication Technologies Authority, the Radio and Television Supreme Council, Turkey Radio and Television Corporation, Ad Council and General Directorate of the National Lottery
  • Legal Support on Compliance with Technology, Media and Telecommunication Legislations
  • Protection of Personality Rights in Printed and Visual Broadcasting
  • Legal Support on Compliance with Data Protection Legislation
  • Launching, Realizing and Ensuring Continuity of Telecommunication Projects
  • Legal Support for the Establishment of the Electronic Telecommunication Services Infrastructure
  • Data Transfers
  • Creating Legal Texts on Privacy Policies, Terms of Use and Cookies.


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