1. Terms and Conditions

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  1. Responsibility

Our website presents some information, documents, articles and images related to the legal issues that HANSU Law Office is working with, within the scope of its areas of expertise. Our website is designed in accordance with the rules and regulations of Turkey Bar Association’s application. No information on this website is an advertisement of any service; it is not intended to be commercial, advertising or reaching potential clients.

The information and files on our site have been prepared only to inform our visitors and thus, it is not a legal opinion. Since each dispute must be evaluated within itself, it is necessary to consult with the expert of the subject directly in a possible dispute. For these reasons, it will not be accurate to use the information contained in our site within the scope of legal dispute. If you need legal support or opinion on a subject we have expertise in, you can contact us using our contact information.

As HANSU Law Firm, we take great care in keeping our website and the information on our site always up to date. However, in case of changes in the laws, regulations and practices on which the information on our site is based may be outdated. For this reason, we make no warranties regarding its accuracy, timeliness, integrity or fitness for purpose of the information on our website.

Although we show a superior effort to provide information on our site from reliable sources, there is a margin of error in the information on our site. For this reason, it is not possible for us as HANSU Law Office to be held responsible for the errors, deficiencies, inaccuracies that may be found in the information on our website and the loss and damage caused by the use of the information on our site.

HANSU Law Office does not accept any responsibility with regard to the information and materials published by third parties; does not directly or indirectly approve the information, statements and opinions contained in these publications. HANSU Law Firm reserves the right to remove information belonging to third parties, which it deems is incompatible with reality and publishing policy.

In addition, all links to other websites from our site are for informational purposes only. This does not mean that the content on the linked website and the other websites to be linked from this site is controlled by us, we approve the content in question and we consider it to be reliable content. For this reason, it is not possible for us as HANSU Law Office to be held responsible for the content.

  1. Intellectual Property

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HANSU Law Office reserves all legal application and litigation rights in case of violation of use.

  1. Our Privacy Policy and Clarification Text

We are likely to need some personal information, such as your e-mail address, phone number, name and surname in order for us to present some information, articles or visuals that we have prepared to the attention and knowledge of our visitors. In order to learn about how your personal data is recorded, stored and used; read the HANSU Law Office Privacy Policy carefully and please contact with our Law Office for further information and inquiries.

Visiting our website or sending personal data and information to HANSU Law Firm by any means of communication will not directly create a lawyer-client relationship between our office and you. In order to establish a lawyer-client relationship with our office, one must sign a service agreement with our office and issue a power of attorney with the necessary powers.

  1. Applicable Law

Law to be applied in case of violation of the conditions is Turkish law and Istanbul (Çağlayan) Courts are exclusively authorized in all disputes.