Chemicals and Petroleum Products

Rapid growth in emerging markets and increasing number of mergers and acquisitions create both challenges and opportunities for chemical and oil companies. Our Law Office provides one-stop-shop legal services to all participants of those sectors.
  • Execution of Merger and Acquisition Procedures of Companies Operating in Chemistry and Petroleum and Investing in this Field
  • Legal Service on Sector-Specific Issues such as Product and Trade Regulation,
  • Legal Consultancy of Tax Disputes and Representation In Front of Tax Courts for Petrochemical Companies
  • Legal Support in Solving Tax, Social Security, Customs Advantages, Incentives and Legal Issue for National and International Petrochemical Companies within the Framework of Tax, Social Security, Customs Legislation
  • Company-based Personalized Approaches
  • Regulatory Compliance Process
  • Drafting Supply Contracts
  • Drafting Share Transfer Contracts and Articles of Partnerships
  • Establishing Legal Infrastructures of Oil Plant Installation Projects, Obtaining Ministry Permits and Managing All Procedures in Front of the Required Administrative Authorities


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