Law of Foreigners and Nationality Law

Law of Foreigners and Nationality Law

Turkey has one of the most promising real estate markets in Europe and offers significant opportunities for real estate investors through its powerful construction industry and growing industrial and commercial production in addition to the strategic position between Europe, Asia and Middle East.

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One of the opportunities is that according to the Turkish Citizenship Code Article 12/1-b, foreign investors who invest in Turkey within the scope and amount that is determined by the president of the Republic of Turkey and have short-term resident permit according to the code numbered 6458 article 31/1-j, with the condition that there will be no obstructions both by the means of national security and public order, may obtain Turkish Citizenship with the decision of the president of the Republic of Turkey.
With the new regulation dated 2018, 18th of September, the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship for foreign investors became possible by purchasing a real estate in Turkey at least with the amount of USD 250.000 or equivalent currency or equivalent Turkish Lira and with the condition of annotating on land registry records for not selling the real estate for three years.

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Our Law Firm’s experienced team of associates provides legal counseling and legal service to foreign investors for acquisition of Turkish Citizenship via investing in real estate in Turkey.
Additionally our Law Firm provides legal services to detect prevent and resolve any kind of disputes arising from Nationality Law and Law of Foreigners.


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