Health Law

Health Law

As experts in the field of pharmaceutical, medical equipment industry and healthcare project development including establishment of hospitals, we offer tailor-made legal assistance to companies involved in pharmacological and biotechnological industry.

How can we help?

In the field of Health Law, our Law Office which has a direct relationship with many other areas of law, offers the most comprehensive solutions to the companies operating in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment and health sectors, as well as companies operating in the fields of pharmacology and biotechnology. Within this context, we provide legal counselling on the preparation of legal infrastructure on the development of projects related to hospitals, clinics and health institutions and the establishment of the hospital, establishment or purchase of companies, preparation of contracts for the purchase or lease of the real estate for the project, obtaining the necessary permissions from the administration, production of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment, development, purchase-sale, distribution, distribution agreements and confidentiality agreements preparation, regulation of the legal infrastructure of drug, medical device marketing processes, preparation of contract manufacturing agreements and technology transfer contracts, management of the process for obtaining pharmaceutical and medical device brands, patents and licenses, execution of licensing processes, obtaining marketing permits, executing ministerial permit processes for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to be circulating in the market, and public procurement. In addition, we provide services in subjects related to life sciences and health services, primarily in patients, protection of personal data, Know-How protection, determination of intellectual property strategy, and legal support in clinical and observational research, competition law, business law and product safety. We also provide legal services in the development and execution of Health-Tech projects and Health Applications (“Health Apps”) used in phones and mobile devices, which has gained importance in the light of today’s technological developments. In addition, we provide services in cases arising from pharmaceuticals and medical device brands and patents, in disputes with the administration within the framework of the health legislation of private health institutions, and in the follow-up of medical errors of healthcare professionals, especially doctors.

Who do we help?

Our Law Firm which specializes in responding all the needs of companies operating in the entire pharmaceutical, medical equipment and healthcare industry, including hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations as well as pharmacies, pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers, Start-ups and entrepreneurs in the field of healthcare technology and medical devices, insurance companies and cosmetics companies.


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