Tax Law

Tax Law

Since tax regulations are changing instantly in Turkey, tailor-made legal assistance related with national tax regime is mandatory for national and international companies. We have also extensive experience in advising our clients on different tax systems including international tax treaties.

How can we help?

Our Law Firm provides legal support and legal counselling services for its national and international clients with its experienced team on tax law regarding;
– The occurrence and termination of tax debt, the consequences of violation of tax
duties and all disputes arising from tax law,
– Tax investigation processes initiated by the tax administration,
– Resolving disputes arising from tax law before tax administrations as a result of the tax investigation process through reconciliation by taking possible risks and consequences, precedent judicial decisions into consideration
– Filing a lawsuit in Turkish Tax Courts about tax and penalty notifications, payment orders or establishing tax obligations in tax courts as well as following the process with the economic penalty dimension in terms of tax crimes if reconciliation cannot be finalized.
– Tax / Social Security / Customs advantages, incentives and solution of legal disputes within the frame of the Tax / Social Security / Customs Legislations,
– Counselling and litigation services for all disputes arising from tax law.
Within this scope our Law Office provides legal support and services to its clients on the legal dimension of the tax investigations initiated by public authorities, social security inspectorship investigations and customs inspectorship investigations. Our Law Office represents its local and international clients before administrative courts, tax courts and other legal authorities due to levied and accrued tax, accrued fees and premiums, fines by public authorities in result of Tax / Social Security / Customs investigations.
With our Law Firm’s experienced team with their strong national and international
experience; tax efficiency, risk reduction, the successful resolution of disputes can be
achieved since we effectively and diligently assist our clients to achieve these goals.

Administrative Applications

Hansu Law Firm is experienced on preparation of administrative applications such as a
statement, remorse, correction and complaint to the tax administrations about the transaction that will be criticized or subject to tax investigations by the tax authorities, the legal evaluation of the results by considering the tax legislation.

Tax Reviews and Recreation

Our law firm provides legal support on legal evaluation of the commercial books and records
regarding the calendar years taken during the tax examinations initiated by the Tax
Inspection institutions, and the information and documents regarding the tax generating and
declared transactions in-depth.
In terms of tax law discipline, it is important to evaluate the taxpayer statement / defense of the taxpayer in terms of tax law in case criticism of the events. In addition to the financial part of the tax review process, since it is important to determine the defense strategy in tax cases, our law firm provides legal support to its clients to determine a defense strategy without damaging any rights of the taxpayer.
In the case of criticism about the taxpayer examined in the Tax Inspection Report, our law
firm manages the legal process in terms of pre-post / post-assessment reconciliation requests and provides legal advice on reconciliation processes according to possible risks and consequences by taking precedent decisions in tax judgment into consideration.

Tax Cases

As a result of the Tax Inspection process, the Tax Technique Reports and the Tax Inspection Reports can be prepared. Our law firm legally evaluates Tax Examination Reports and Tax Technique Reports issued as a result of the examination process on the taxpayer and determines the reasons for the annulment against the criticism in these reports. Based on the aforementioned reports, penalty notices or payment orders can be issued by the tax office and in this case, our law firm provides legal support and carries out the entire process of application for cancellation of the mentioned penalty notices/payment orders through filing lawsuits in front of the Tax Courts. Our law firm with its wide range of contacts throughout the world and Turkey is also capable of obtaining Expert Opinions which include prominent objective opinions in the field of tax law. These Expert Opinions will be in the form of one of the actual pieces of evidences in terms of legal criticism, especially for technical investigation in the tax inspection report and gives a concise, clear and accurate understating of the main dispute.

Tax Offenses

Tax and Penalty notices or payment orders can be issued on the basis of criticized issues in
the Tax Examination Reports and taxpayers can be notified within this scope. However, because of the transactions which are considered to be contrary to the Tax Procedure Law or different legal regulations, it is also possible for tax authorities –if there is a reasonable suspicion- to initiate criminal proceedings regarding the transactions. Our law firm is also experienced on representation of taxpayers who are associated with the criminal proceeding and determination of the legal defense strategy as well as representation of taxpayers in recognition of economic criminal law where there will be a criminal investigation and lawsuit due to the opposition to the tax procedural law.

Who do we help?

Given our expertise in the field of tax law, our clients both companies and individuals seek our advice on reaching their business goals in light of today’s complex tax issues regardless the tax issues involve just Turkey or a cross-border.



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