Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Turkish enforcement legislation grants legal remedies for execution proceedings and rights to the creditors depending on the legal power of the document possessed by the creditor. There are different types of proceedings in order to collect the debt from the debtor and collection along with the execution proceedings are subjected to different rules where one must adhere.

How can we help?

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law regulates ways of collection of receivables in case of the non-payment of debts and our Law Firm has significant experience in collecting debts for creditors both for secured debts and unsecured debts. Our main principle is to ensure our client to obtain his receivables in the fastest and effective manner with the lowest cost.

Different types of proceedings for each legal circumstance varies according to the document possessed by the creditor but our Law Firm prepares and commence execution proceedings with/without judgment, provide legal support to protect the rights and benefits of the client and initiate the execution proceedings at the enforcement offices in Turkey with the executive proceedings ways not limited to but including such as attachment, foreclosure of chattel mortgage and mortgage, collection of bill of exchange and evacuation of leased real property.

Our Law Firm also has experience on bankruptcy proceeding against the debtor where ordinary execution proceedings mentioned above are ineffective. This procedure can include initiating bankruptcy proceeding by making a demand to the execution office or filing a lawsuit for bankruptcy directly against the debtor. Even though it is possible for the debtor to initiate a lawsuit for the postponement of bankruptcy, our Law Firm is capable of monitoring the process in order to collect the debts as fastest as possible.

Who do we help?

Our Law Firm provides consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies as well as natural persons to collect their receivables in Turkey regardless of the document possessed by the creditor and the amount that will be collected.

Significant commercial practices including advising:

– Acting as the main attorneys of banks which are state subsidiaries.


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