Transportation and Logistics Law

Transportation and Logistics Law

Transportation and logistics industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in Turkey due to its strategic location. In parallel with the rapidly changing markets, the challenges in the transportation and logistics industry are also rising. In addition to transportation services service providers offer various services including packaging, warehousing and inventory management.

How can we help?

Hansu Law Office is your service provider for all legal aspects of the transportation and logistics sector. Our Law Office provides tailor-made solutions in order to meet our client’s ultimate goals. In this regard, we provide complete and competent legal services to the transport and logistics industry including the processing of freight/cargo claims regarding domestic and international road, air and sea transportation (based on CMR, Montreal Convention and other relevant international conventions) as well as multimodal cargo transports; defense against claims for damages out of court and in litigation/arbitration; enforcement of freight claims; assistance in the review and drafting of contracts as well as advice on regulatory matters in the field of transport and logistics law. In addition, our experienced team provides, if necessary, legal assistance on all related legal issues, e.g., labor, corporate, real estate and data protection law and industrial property rights.

Maritime transportation

The carriage of goods by sea cannot be separated from international trade since it unites with every form of movement of goods and every modes of transport whether it is by road, air or rail. Maritime Law is one of the most complex and technical area of law since it has expanded globally and constitutes overseas countries where practitioners must know how to approach to different legal systems.
Maritime transport is now a form of transportation which is a part of the global, intermodal network and it links shippers, consignees, products, customers and also countries. Whether it is ship operation, purchase, insurance or simply transportation; our Law Firm has the required knowledge and experience to assist its clients.

Our Law Firm represents one of the leading companies working in marine transportation and our experienced team of associates and advisors, who have full command both in foreign languages and foreign legislations, provide legal services about detecting, preventing and resolving disputes arising from Maritime Law and following up the lawsuits related to Maritime Law. Regardless of what the goods are, whether it is chemical substitute or construction tools; our Law Firm is able to assist in order to provide business growth.
Our Law Firm’s comprehensive client portfolio constitutes owners, charterers, insurers, traders, operators, Non-Vessel-Owning Common Carriers and financiers and our experienced team in Maritime Transport Law is capable to assist all matters related to maritime law regardless of which actor its client is.

Road transportation

We also provide legal advice on all types of freight disputes including claims for damaged, lost or delayed cargo regarding domestic and international road transportation (based on Turkish Transportation Law resp. CMR) out of court and in litigation as well as enforcement of cargo claims.

Air transportation

Our team of experts also assists companies in the air transportation sector and airlines in the representation and resolution of legal disputes such as claims arising from loss, damage and delay of cargo during domestic and international air transportation (based on Turkish regulations resp. Montreal and Warsaw Convention), defense against claims for damages and enforcement of freight claims.

Who do we help?

Our Law Office provides legal services to all participants of the supply chain including national and international logistics service providers, freight forwarders, warehousing companies, air freight companies and airlines as well as shipping companies.


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