Urban Transformation Law

Urban Transformation Law

The Urban Transformation Action Plan aims to replace risky and old buildings with sustainable living spaces and to improve downtown areas as well as historical sites. In this context, the number of legal disputes arising from the contracts between construction companies and landowners has increased significantly. Our Law firm has vast experience to provide one-stop-shop-services in this field.

How can we help?

Urban transformation can be defined as the reconstruction of the risky areas in the city and the transformation into healthy and livable spaces. In this context, our Law Firm has vast expertise in selecting the area where urban transformation project will be implemented, carrying out the respective construction activities without any legal dispute, drafting the necessary contracts between land owners and construction companies, representing parties in all legal disputes on urban transformation and following all legal issues regarding delivery.

Who do we help?

Our Law Office provides legal services to construction companies, landowners and investors for detecting, preventing and resolving the legal conflicts arising from urban transformation practices.



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