Transportation and Logistics

As a result of the unique geographical location, the transportation and logistics sector has become one of the leading sectors contributing to Turkey’s economy. We provide legal services to all companies operating throughout the entire supply chain including those in the transportation and logistics industry.
  • Dealing with Compensation Claims Due to Loss, Damage or Late Delivery of the Cargo
  • The Follow-Up of the Recourse Lawsuits Between Carriers or Between Carriers and Transporters Brokers
  • The Follow-Up of the Recourse Lawsuits Brought by the Insurance Companies to Carrier Firms
  • The Follow-Up of the Lawsuits for Freight Fee
  • The Follow-Up of the Lawsuits Filed in Arbitral Institutions
  • Enforcement Proceedings
  • Legal Consultancy on Both National and International Transportation (Especially CMR, Montreal and Warsaw Convention, The Hauge, Hauge-Visby Rules)
  • Reviewing and Drafting Transportation and Logistics Contracts and General Transaction Conditions
  • Providing Legal Services to Transportation and Logistics Companies in the Field of Company Establishment, Company Purchase and Company Mergers
  • Providing Consultancy Services in the Field of Real Estate Law for the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate, Leasing and Getting the Required Permits in Transportation, Storage and Logistics Projects.
  • Protection of Intellectual and Industrial Rights, Especially Brands of Transportation and Logistics Companies
  • Providing Legal Consultancy Services To The Transportation And Logistics Companies In Terms Of Examining And Drafting Their Employment Agreements With Their Employees, And Providing Legal Service On All Issues Concerning Business Law
  • Providing Legal Consultancy Service Regarding the Legislation on Processing and Protection of the Data Due to the Personal Data Obtained During the Activities of the Transportation and Logistics Companies


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