Energy and Mining

Our Law Office provides legal advice to companies operating in the natural gas, electricity, petroleum and LPG market in all business matters including representation before the Ministry of Energy, the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and other institutions.
  • All kinds of transactions related to Energy Market Licenses and authorizations
  • Legal advice on financing energy projects
  • Establishment of energy companies, preparation of due diligence reports about these companies, share transfers
  • Legal consultancy and advocacy services in the expropriation, privatization, merger and acquisition processes in the energy sector
  • Application and other procedures for the installation of power generation plants from renewable energy sources such as water, wind, and solar
  • Getting EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) report and follow-up the lawsuits against the EIA report
  • Legal advice for regulations in energy law
  • Drilling and rehabilitation contracts
  • Electricity Production, Distribution and Sales in the Electricity Market
  • Preparation of carbon emission reduction contract, generation sharing contract, construction contracts in the energy sector, electricity connection and transfer contract, turbine and installation contract, tax distribution contract, royalty contract, distributor main contracts, EPC and PPA contracts
  • Carrying out legal services for the return of the price paid by electricity consumers to electricity distribution companies under the loss leakage fee, meter reading, retail sales service fee, system usage fee
  • Acquisition of hydroelectric power plants through privatization
  • Cancellation of fines imposed by EMRA and other administrative authorities
  • Legal advice to fuel and LPG distribution companies and company dealers
  • Corporate collection of the receivables of electricity and natural gas retail distribution companies and follow-up of the execution process
  • Obtaining licenses and permits for mineral exploration, license transfer procedures
  • Due diligence, land allocation, land acquisition and consolidation, concession acquisition, licensing, usufruct and easement facility in the mining sector
  • Mine operating lease agreements
  • Environmental impact assessment services
  • Financing and securing activities of mining activities
  • Evaluation, preparation and implementation of grinding, wage processing and treatment contracts
  • Taking pledge, lien, mortgage and precautionary measures on mines and mining licenses
  • Mining accident cases
  • Disputes about Mining State rights and guarantees
  • Disputes arising from the overlap of water basins, national parks, wildlife areas, protected areas, olive groves, agricultural areas, organized industrial zones and special environmental protection zones
  • Conflicts arising from private property, zoning areas, and relationship with environmental plans
  • Cases arising from the procedures and principles regarding mining tenders.


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