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Trade always constitutes the biggest share in the development of the world economy and embodies more complex and comprehensive approaches than ever before in today’s globalizing world. Our law firm provides tailor-made legal services to all actors in the commercial sector based on the respective strategies of the companies.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Preparation of All Contract Drafts, Signing Procedures, Including Any Type of Transfer, Sales, Service, Distribution and Agency Agreements
  • Pledge of Company Shares
  • Providing Legal Support in the Appointment of Trustees in Joint Stock and Limited Liability Companies
  • Providing Legal Support in the Annulment Procedures of the Joint Stock Company Decisions
  • Company Management
  • Protection of Company Data and Personal Data
  • Collection of International Debts
  • Investment consulting
  • Protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property and Trade Secrets
  • Taxation and Customs Transactions and Export & Import
  • Capital Increase and Decrease
  • E-Commerce & Electronic Money and Payment Systems
  • Entrepreneurship Law,
  • Company Representation during the Viewing of Commercial Disputes as Arbitration Disputes before Arbitration Institutions,
  • Establishing Companies, Branches and Representatives and Providing Support in Necessary And Typical Formation Processes, such as Opening Bank Accounts, About Permission Applications, Regarding Company Establishment At Home And Abroad,
  • Providing Legal Services to Investors Who Want to Establish a Company, From Preparing the Company’s Articles of Association, To Registration To Overseas Trade Registers And To Ensure The Smooth Progress Of The Whole Operation.


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