International Arbitration


International Arbitration

International arbitration is a way of alternative dispute resolution method in which disputes between the parties are resolved within the framework of certain rules before an arbitral tribunal. In international arbitration, the procedure is similar to court cases, but parties that do not wish to take part in local courts tend to prefer arbitration since it is faster, more effective, transparent and, as a rule, confidential. In the case of disputes that generally involve international elements, parties believes that the other party’s state courts will not be transparent and fair and thus, preferring international arbitration provides confidence in the parties in this sense.
Within this context, it should be noted that international arbitration is the most preferred dispute resolution in international transactions.

How can we help?

Our Law Office specializes in conducting arbitration procedures by providing full legal services to its clients from a single source, both in commercial transactions involving internationality and in investor-state disputes. Our experienced lawyers, who have an academic career in this field and have full professional competence in foreign languages, our clients are successfully represented in front of arbitration institutions such as ICC, AAA, ISTAC, LCIA and ICSID as well as in local courts. Our Law Office also has experience in the execution of the arbitral tribunal judgments based on one of the most important international arbitration document which is Turkey is also a signatory country, the New York Convention. International arbitration is a process that can be carried out in the form of ad-hoc arbitration, as well as depending on the rules of certain arbitration institutions. Within this context, our Law Office has experience in determining the wording of the arbitration clause to be added to the commercial contracts which will be signed between the parties, to apply UNCITRAL Rules and in case of a conflict, to initiate the arbitration process in accordance with the necessary conditions and to coordinate the hearings, and to strive for the fastest and most effective results for the clients. In addition, in cases where the procedural delay is inconvenient, our Law Office has experience on applying Emergency Arbitrator procedure and has experience in making precautionary decisions.

Who do we help?

Within the alternative dispute resolution methods, our Law Office provides full legal service for companies and for investors where there is a dispute between the investor and the governments coordinate all the procedure from signing the contract to the execution of the arbitral award.















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