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Our Law Firm provides legal services to all participants of the game and e-sports sector including the protection of games and digital world products, the contract drafting and the regulation of their rights and responsibilities in order to eliminate any potential conflicts and risks.
  • Providing all kinds of legal support regarding the establishment and operation of companies that will operate in the digital game market (preparation of company articles of association, partnership agreement, etc.)
  • Protection of software (interface, program streaming, music files, etc.) containing the technical elements of the game and the protection of game source codes within the scope of unfair competition provisions
  • Protection of the designs of the games by design and brand names
  • Preparation of digital game contracts to be concluded between people Player-developer, player-publisher, player-player, licensor-licensee, brand right owner-brand right, etc.
  • Protection of the financial and moral rights of the game owner
  • Prevention of infringement regarding to the Reproduction of the game without permission from the right owner and transmission of the game to the public over the internet, etc.
  • Preventing in-game violations (hijacking users’ passwords, stealing players’ characters, getting their accounts taken by third parties, insulting each other, etc.)
  • Making administrative (legal etc.) and legal applications during game distribution and marketing
  • Preparation of contracts for the preparation of digital games, their release and distribution to the market and the management of the process,
  • Preparation of game user contracts and LPPD clarification text and ensuring their compliance with the law,
  • Establishing a legal infrastructure for storing personal data needed in online and offline games,
  • Providing legal services and supports such as preparation and evaluation of e-sports contracts between Player-Club Management, Player-Sponsor, Player-Manager companies, Club Management-Sponsor, Club Management-Publisher etc.
  • Providing legal support to e-sports players and clubs since may face discipline, administrative, legal and criminal sanctions,
  • Detecting and performing the related regulations and instructions as well as responsibilities instructions that must be fulfilled within the scope of (licensing, registration, e-gym proficiency test taking and so on.) Turkey E-Sports Federation regulations and legal counselling with regards to the breach or cancellation of rights obtained
  • Drafting contracts to be established among publishers, organizers, teams or players in e-sports organizations for the purpose of broadcasting, promotion etc.


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