Commercial and Contracts Law

Commercial and Contracts Law

Regardless of the respective contract’s value, our law firm has vast expertise to draft the most efficient contract in order to ensure the company’s business and strategy and to protect its legal interests.

How can we help?

Our Law Office provides comprehensive and effective legal counseling for local and foreign clients carrying out activities especially in construction, energy, health, education and tourism sectors regarding the matters including unfair competition, company management, international purchase and sale, franchise, privilege, transportation, dealership, agency and loan agreements, consumer protection, capital increase and capital decrease transactions, transactions regarding shares and bonds, overseas debt follow-up and investment consultancy, carrying out customs procedures, export collections audit and carrying out import procedures, audits and arrangements regarding transit trade and standardization and resolution of disputes in free zones.

In addition, our Law Office is experienced in the fields of determination, collection, executive proceeding, insurance and compensation of all kinds of receivables, legal service for compensation and receivable disputes arising from violation of all kinds of intellectual and industrial property rights such as brand and patent, customs tariffs, assessment in import and export, insuring the risks regarding the activities and disputes arising from these, disputes arising from negotiable instruments law and banking law.
Also, our Law Office provides legal services for preparation, evaluation and giving legal opinion on distribution agreements, agreements of work, service agreements, sale agreements, agency agreements etc for local and international companies.

Who do we help?

Every business whether the company is local/foreigner, our law firm has the same meticulous approach. Regardless of the issue or value of the contract, all companies can benefit our expertise to get legal assistance and advice on their concerns.


  • Company Management – Data Protection – Contract Draft –Overseas Debt
  • Investment Consultancy – International and Industrial Property
  • Customs Tariffs –Import & Export
  •  Capital Increase and Capital Devrease – E-Commerce Law & Electronical
  • Money and Payment Services
  • Entrepreneurship Law and StartUp Corporations Law



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