Insurance and Compensation Law

Insurance and Compensation Law

Insurance law covers all legal issues on insurance policies and claims whereas compensation law is designed to assist the recovery of those who have suffered injury, damage and/or loss arising from various circumstances by reimbursing expenses. In this context, we provide one-stop-shop legal services to insurance companies.

How can we help?

Our Law Office is highly experienced in the resolution of claims for receivable and compensation arising from especially third-party liability insurances, personal accident insurances, employer’s liability insurances and liability insurances, car insurances such as liable traffic insurance and comprehensive coverage, life and invalidity insurances, fire insurances, maritime insurances and private health insurances and follow-up of these cases.

Who do we help?

Our Law Office provides legal service for its local and foreign clients on the matters of compensation of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages in case of risk occurrence regarding the disputes arising within the scope of insurance contracts and also provides consultancy and attorneyship services for insurance companies regarding loss and risk assessment in order to carry out the damage processes efficiently and preparation of insurance policies.


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