Notes for Purchasing Real Estate in Turkey

The forest boundary where the real estate recides should be checked through Foresty Operations Directorate and the title of deed and the ownership of the real estate should be checked at Land Registry Office to make sure there is no seizures, mortgages and/or rights of easement on the real estate that can reduce the value of the real estate or avert the transfer of the real estate.

The unpaid taxes and dues should be checked. In case there is a property ownership, the management plan of the real estate should be examined, since after purchasing the real estate, the clauses in the management plan shall be binding for the new owner.

The actual state of the real estate and the construction plan compatibility should be checked to avert disputes with municipality.

A sale protocol should be signed and a down payment should not be paid before signing this protocol.

In case there is no property ownership, an occupancy permit should be obtained and there will be some formalities and expenses for concluding property ownership on the real estate.

There should be an agreement between the purchaser and the seller on the fees of the title deed and debts on the real estate such as taxes, dues.


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