Our Law Office provides consulting service in Real Estate and Zoning Law including providing legal counseling and attorneyship service for both public authorities and the project developer private entrepreneurs during the tender, development, construction and operation phases in the field of project-focused development of public [public/municipally owned] and foundation lands, establishing the legal basis of shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and other large-scale and multi-purpose real estate investments, establishment of usufruct / constitution of servitude rights and establishment of all other supreme rights and their legal practice, developing management plans, drawing up flat for land basis and revenue sharing construction contracts and developing urban transformation projects.

We are also providing legal service for our local and foreign clients within our client portfolio who are carrying out activities in different sectors regarding buying and selling transactions of immovable properties, establishment and cancellation of right in rem and individual rights on immovable properties, commercial leases and promise of sale, establishing lien, controlling the compliance of the projects with the environmental legislation, privileged allocations, preparing and negotiating joint development agreements, sub-contractor, engineering and purchase contracts and management contracts, follow-up of cases regarding the ownership of the real estate such as the cancellation or correction of land register and resolution of disputes.

Our Law Office is also experienced in the lawsuits including actio negatoria, lawsuits about constitution of servitude, action for recovery of property, elimination of joint ownership, mortgage lawsuits, expropriation lawsuits, action of nullity of title deed and land registration cases, rental value declaratory lawsuits, eviction actions, action for preemption, property ownership disputes and lawsuits regarding the correction of land registration mistakes.