Hansu Law Firm has developed extensive communication networks to support investors, companies, institutions and foreign law firms in developing their strategies and realizing their projects worldwide. Thanks to its lawyers having in-depth experience in foreign cultures and legal systems, our law firm provides comprehensive legal guidance on merger and acquisition, joint venture projects, real estate purchases and compliance matters, including court and arbitration procedures.

Having expertise in various sectors Hansu Law Firm provides legal services covering almost all areas of law, including but not limited to:

  • International debt collection
  • Handling disputes including international elements before state courts or in arbitration processes 
  • Drafting any contract, including sales, service, distribution, agency contracts with international elements and follow up of signing procedures
  • Providing legal services to investors intended to for a company abroad, from drafting the company’s articles of association, to its registration in foreign trade registries and to ensure the smooth continuation of all operations
  • Establishment of companies, branches and representative offices including support in necessary and typical formation processes such as opening bank accounts and making permit applications regarding establishment of a company abroad
  • Execution of all Merger and Acquisition procedures to be carried out with foreigners 
  • Execution of all international joint venture projects 
  • Management of all projects, including the acquisition of real estate abroad and its financing 
  • Providing legal services for the protection of intellectual property, trademarks and patents abroad
  • Execution of tender processes for the projects desired to be realized abroad 

Hansu Law Firm provides professional legal support to its clients all over the world thanks to its local and international communication network. In this context, we carry out any and all processes in coordination with both lawyers within our body and the law offices abroad which we have strong contacts. We, Hansu Law Firm, are committed to creating expert teams, always taking into account the relevant foreign legal system and the special needs of our clients. In this context, we serve you abroad in the following countries thanks to our team with professional foreign language skills for different countries and cultures: 

German Desk: [email protected]

French Desk: [email protected]

UK Desk: