Our International Cooperations and Activities

Our International Cooperations and Activities

Our Cooperations and Activities in National and International Arena

Since the economic and legal relationships between Turkey and the countries which it carries export and import activities have improved gradually due to the increase in the trade volume of Turkey with the outside world and due to globalization, our Law Office has adapted itself to this new situation and have provided legal counseling and attorneyship service in many global projects.

Considering that large part of export in Turkey is carried out through EU-member countries, European Union and Acquis Communautaire (which these countries and our country is subjected to) has an important place in foreign trade operations. Within this context, our Law Office attaches particular importance to both European Union and Acquis Communautaire and foreign trade and customs law. We inform our local and foreign entrepreneur clients on this matter and prevent the possible legal risks.

Every country being subjected to a different judicial system and having a different legislation, creates risk in foreign trade operations, especially in product and/or service delivery and payments. In such cases, we minimize the risks which entrepreneur firms may face and support our clients through the legal services we provide with our personnel having full knowledge of EU and foreign trade and customs law legislation and foreign language.

Our Law Office is widely experienced in merger and acquisitions through its experience and competence in especially Corporate and Commercial Law. Within this context, we prepare Legal Due Diligence reports during merger and acquisition process, carry out the share transfer agreement negotiations and provide legal support in obtaining the necessary preliminary permissions from Competition Authority, EMRA, CMB etc. which are known as independent administrative authorities.

Our Law Office provides legal counseling for local and foreign entrepreneurs within the process starting from the establishment phase through commissioning of Thermal Power Plants, Hydroelectric Power Plants, Wind Power Plants and Nuclear Power Plants. Our client portfolio includes companies that are carrying out activities in energy and mining sectors in Turkey for many years and HANSU is one of the leading Law Offices within this field.

The areas where the investments will be realized have been expropriated through decisions taken by public institutions during the establishment of Energy Investments, Free Zones, Harbors and Organized Industrial Zones. In this sense, our Law Office has managed and coordinated the legal dimension of the relationships between the public institution and the private investor and also the expropriation procedures [preliminary preparation, urgent expropriation and expropriation lawsuits] in the expropriation projects realized in Turkey.

Based on our experience in expropriation procedures until today, our aim is now to provide attorneyship and consultancy service regarding the establishment and operation of Petroleum/Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines which the states coordinate by establishing trading companies [Nabuco and BTC Pipeline etc.] and carrying out the preliminary preparation procedures and expropriation lawsuits regarding the areas of investment and expropriation of immovable properties.

By this time, our Law Office has provided legal counseling and attorneyship services regarding the above-mentioned activities in many privatization, energy, mining and natural resources, food, railway conveyance and harbor projects [including legal due diligence].